We are your one stop shop for all your CCW, Hunting and Shooting Supply Needs!

About Us

Tactical Firearms Supply/ Illinois Tactical Firearms Training Inst. Inc.

We are your one stop shop for all of your firearms, hunting, sport shooting, reloading, and camping needs. Despite being a small, family run business, our website gives you access to 1000s of products directly from our suppliers to your door. We also have a small store with numerous items on hand including firearms, ammo, magazines, targets, etc. We can ship items in our store to anywhere in the US. We do not ship items outside of the US. We are a federally licensed FFL.

My primary background of 20 years in Law Enforcement working Patrol, SRO, SWAT, Detective/Investigations myself and my staff have developed several firearm curriculums to help the every day shooter advance their skills. We hold these classes monthly and by appointment. The classes range from Concealed Carry, Concealed Carry Renewal Classes, Intro to AR15, Advanced Concealed Carry, Intro to Civilian Combat Medical Care, Basic Handgun, and Low Light Weapon Manipulation to name a few. For upcoming class information check out www.TacticalFirearmsSupply.com or send me a message. We generally hold classes in the Macomb, Canton and Quincy area.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to serving your needs.


JP McLaughlin

ITFT/TFS President